Alison Animal Communication


"After a session with Alison, my cat, who has been not so affectionately nicknamed "Peebody" has changed his attitude AND behavior! He has been much friendlier and has not marked the couch or any other area as we agreed upon in the session. I am AMAZED and so very grateful for the work that Alison did with us. I truly recommend Alison's services for any pet challenge that may be occurring. Sonny the cat has been an a$$hole for the last 8 years, and now acts like he wants to be a part of this family. Many heartfelt thanks to Alison for acting as a mediator for my beautiful cat!"

~ Patsy Patricia Seay Dollar
Event Hostess. Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Author

"Our first reading with Alison helped us understand the behaviors of our 2 rescued dogs.

She then got us in touch with a sun conjure named Goji that needed a new home. She had been talking to the bird for awhile. We needed to understand what Goji had been through to help her adjust to her new life with us. We gained insight into what upset her and the root cause of her quirks (there were several).

As a couple, having worked in the zoo industry for over 2 decades, we have received many unwanted or abandoned animals. Never before have we had so much insight into the point of view of the adopted.

With Goji, the connection has been quick and deep because of Alison's assistance and guidance."

~ Love you Alison, thanks so much! Lionel, Ketha, Josie, Marti and Goji

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
~ Laure

"Alison worked with my horse Rosie when he was having some problems with fear and listening a few months after I got him. She is able to tap in remotely and receive information which she was able to relay to me very thoroughly. She wrote a whole report of what she talked to him about, which was able to inform my interactions with him and improve our relationship greatly."
~ Erica

"Alison, you captured the essence of Sugar Pie and us!! This was so very special to us!!"
~ Barbara & Jerre

"I am so grateful for your gift because I learned things about my dog that I would not have figured out on my own. Now I have a better understanding of my dog”s behavior, emotional needs and purpose."
~ Teri