Alison Animal Communication


I am committed to making as high a quality of life as we can for our furry family. I work on a contribution based sliding scale to make my service as accessible as possible. If you are unable to meet these prices, please contact me and we may be able to work something out.

Alison & Friends

General Session:

includes basic information, like your animal’s perception of their environment, what they enjoy, dislikes, and what they might want to tell you. ~ $75- 200

A More Specific Session:

Includes the general questions in addition to any specific questions you may have. This could include past trauma with a rescue animal, help locating a lost animal, or behavior issues you wish to understand better and resolve. This type of work often requires numerous sessions, therefore, the expanse of the sliding scale. This can be done through Skype, phone, or privately. ~ $100- 500

Phone or Skype Session:

We will have contact about what your focus is, and set a time where you can be interactive with the session. This will mean that, while in direct contact with you, I will connect with your animal and act as your interpreter. You can ask whatever questions you wish, as can your animal, I will simply translate the conversation for you. ~ $75- 200

Session with Transcript:

This is done after more intense preparation with the owner. I am clear about what questions you wish to ask, and the direction you wish the conversation to go. I connect with your animal privately, and have a conversation. You receive an e mail record of the conversation down to the last detail including the emotions, and view of life I experienced through the interaction. ~ $100- 200

Relocation of Animal:

There are times we need to re-home our beloved animal. This often requires numerous session involving the present family as well as the prospective family. It smooths the transition for your pet with the understanding of why and how this transition will come to fruition. It enables you to hear their voice in these matters. I have found this is most effective if I can be physically present during the meetings to act as a translator for your animal. ~ $300-1,000

Assistance with your Ailing Pet:

If your animal is nearing the end of his/ her life, in pain or discomfort, I can help you find closure and understand how to support your friend in this transition. ~ $25- 175


Each session starts with me asking permission from the animal to interact on behalf of you. From there, we build trust with basic conversation, finding commonalities. and sometimes exchanging humor. With that basic introduction, we honestly address whatever issues you may wish to comprehend better.