Alison Animal Communication


I was raised in a rural town know for its small dairies From the beginning of my memories I have had the capacity to understand what the animals in my life were trying to convey. The purity of love they express encouraged me to continue believing this ability was real through others disbelief. The rural setting of my childhood enabled me many opportunities to strengthen this innate skill. As I grew, the ease of animal communication brought neighbors and friends to seek me out to watch, find, and provide insight into their pets and livestock.

I began riding horses at 5, and knew I had found my place in the world. My obsession with animals had found an outlet. My dedicated riding teacher, Sally Holloway, fed my desire to be the best rider I could, bringing my skill level to a point where I began readying young thoroughbreds for the track by the time I was 12. I began working for a veterinary office and local stable at 14 to support my first horse. I was in heaven!

Alison and her pony

I continued to train horses professionally until beginning a carer as a farrier in my early 20s. I reached Journeyman level, worked along side, and competed successfully with some of the fine members of our US farrier team. I always told clients I could sweet talk the shoes on almost any horse. Little did they know I was serious! As my body began aging, and the physical aspects of shoeing became more challenging, I needed to find a way to continue to work with animals in a different way. I decided to begin formal training as an animal communicator, chosing Marta Williams as my instructor. I practiced on my animals, friend's, anyone who would let me. The years that have followed of helping people come closer to their beloved animal friends, reuniting lost family members, and enabling contact with deceased pets has been incredibly rewarding.

I approach each session from a place of respect and caring with the goal of bringing about a greater understanding between my clients and their animal companions. I would love the opportunity to help you with any animal consultation you may need. I work with all domestic animal species.

Pig and Llama